My inspiration

I am personally inspired by the 4 seasons, by nature in general, by the purity of children, by positive people taking ownership of their own lives and by Ubuntu (I am because we are: video) Other sources of inspiration I consider 365 Dagen Succesvol, Simon Sinek, Richard de Leth (Dutch Health and Lifestyle Expert) and Louise Hay.

In my 25 year’s professional experience the human factor has always played a key role in the relationships I built with colleagues, customers and suppliers. I have experienced the power and joy of various Life Coaching programs myself. I had the pleasure to work with coaches whom supported me with the right insights at the right moments which I translated into changes in my personal behaviour and directions I took in my life.

Thanks to these programs I am living my life in full flow. I am experiencing peace of mind and am fully tapping into my strengths and talents. This is demonstrated in the quality of personal relationships which I am building and by the choices I am making in my life. I wish other people to benefit from these positive changes same as I did. Thanks to me being in managerial roles for 20+ years coaching people has become my second nature: you just found out my reasons for establishing Four Seasons Life Coaching.

Animal Inspiration

When comparing myself to an animal, I feel a connection towards the Kingfisher. Kingfisher’s characteristics are:




Caring for his tribe

About me

I am Frans Vriend, born in the North Western part of The Netherlands in a small town called Andijk. I grew up in our family and was surrounded by three sisters. My father was a truck driver, so guess in what industry I ended up? Indeed… I did my Bsc Logistics & Economics in Haarlem Business School. I started working in a domestic distribution company as a transport planner. Worked there 4 years. After that I joined DHL Global Forwarding at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and within that period I moved from operational into commercial roles. After 8 years in DHL I joined Road Feeder Service company, called Interport. I worked there as a Sales Manager for some 10 years. The company dedicated itself to express linehaul solutions into Spain and Portugal for the airfreight and high value industry.

Previous to becoming a coach I worked for 5+ years in German company va-Q-tec, specialized in temperature controlled packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. I started as Regional Sales Manager Benelux, grew into a role as a member of the Global Sales Steering Committee and ended up being Sales Director EMEA.


In order to become a qualified Life Coach I have performed several studies on how to build my coach practice, How to handle Grief, How to live more Consciously and build Self-esteem and I also did the course called OERsterk focussing on embedding Relaxation, Physical Movement into people’s lives. Also the course gave me insights into the impact on our bodies of stress, unhealthy diet and insufficient night’s rest.

How can Life Coaching support your organization?