Why a confidential counsellor?

In any organization employees can be confronted with unwanted behaviour and integrity matters committed by fellow team members or superiors.

Examples of unwanted behaviour:

Above events have a huge impact to employee’s health and to the atmosphere at work. Dutch employers have the legal duty to create a psychologically safe working environment. The appointment of a confidential counsellor by an employer is a very effective and accessible solution in order to meet this obligation. Furthermore it can be considered as a must have element in your striving towards good working conditions and optimal functioning of the employees within your organization. In order to be sure that the confidential counsellor is capable to manage the situation it is important to appoint one whom is certified by LVV, the Dutch National Association for Confidential Counsellors.

What does a confidential counsellor do?

Employees of an organization whom have experienced unwanted behaviour or have witnessed an integrity matter can seek a confidential counsellor for a listening ear, advice and support. The confidential counsellor will allow the person reporting the matter to get some free space to tell his/her story, the counsellor will ask in depth questions and will help to map out the situation and to advise potential ways to deal with the matter. My approach is focused on being deescalating taking into consideration carefulness and confidentiality towards the person reporting the matter. I do respect secrecy obligation while reporting to the Board of Directors on a high level basis maintaining anonymity of the employee(s) involved.

Legislative proposal to oblige confidential counsellor

On 23rd May 2023 Dutch Parliament has accepted the legislative proposal to oblige companies having more than 10 employees to appoint a confidential counsellor. As soon as the Senate accepts the proposal it will become effective.

I can imagine that for you as an employer this feels like another obligation. However, please be mindful that a confidentiality counsellor can prevent serious impact of matters for you and your employees. In any organization people can be confronted with unwanted behaviour. This can have a huge impact to the health of employees and to the atmosphere hence the productivity at work.

The confidentiality counsellor is a very important factor in creation of a psychologically safe and healthy working environment. By focusing on finding solutions in an informal way the counsellor can often prevent sick leave, serious conflicts or even damaged reputation of your company.

Appointing a confidential counsellor

I offer my services under a subscription. By subscribing your company will have access to me as a confidential counsellor.

Following services are included into the subscription:

Moreover as a confidential counsellor I can:

Should you be interested to know more about my services and approach I invite you to contact me. I look forward to introduce myself and to enter into a discussion as to how we can make a healthy and safe working environment a priority in your organization.

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