How can Life Coaching support your organization?

In flow, an employee who feels good and performs optimally makes a direct contribution to the profitability of your organization;
Significant savings are achieved when preventing employees from going on sick leave, worst case burnout. 16% of employees in NL are coping with burnout related inconveniences. Thanks to the Life Coach improved mental well-being prevents a large portion of sick leave.
It positively contributes to the quality of the customer journey: happy and healthy employees build better relationships and go the extra mile for customers and co-workers.
Your employees will highly appreciate you as an existing/potential employer caring for them and enabling them to boost their mental well-being next to offering job related trainings. Life Coaching has proven itself to be an excellent tool to achieve increased employee loyalty. Further to this offering of a Life Coaching program meets the expectation of today’s employees for a personalized HR-service portfolio.
Your employees will get a much better understanding on the (in)efficacy of their personal behaviour and will get tools how to achieve structural changes in behaviour. Positive consequences of employees following Life Coaching programs are: increased self-confidence, ability to make own decisions thanks to getting better view on their personal talents and competences and pitfalls. On top of that benefits such as more positive interaction with their environment, experiencing increased purpose/creativity and vitality, more willingness to take responsibilities within the company.
Cost of Life Coaching programs can be deducted from taxes as they are considered as training/education.
You are meeting ARBO-requirements (Dutch working authority) for Good Employer Practise as well as the legal requirement to educate your staff.

How does it work?

Coaching Program, tailor-made

Depending on the coachee’s wants, needs and location there are various ways to set up the program, on-line or face to face. Prior to starting the 1:1 coaching program the candidate and the coach will have an introductory conversation in order to find out mutual connection and trust levels. Confidentiality about what is discussed is a key factor and a necessary basis for a good exchange and identification of the true root cause of the employee’s behaviour. The coachee will be asked to complete a questionnaire in order to get clarity on his/her personality and course of life. Within a standard Life Coaching program there are usually five 1:1 sessions roughly taking 1,5 hours each. The interval in between the sessions will be some 2-3 weeks which will allow the coachee to reflect and experience initial results of the proposed change of behaviour and approach. Some six weeks after the final session there will be a call to review the results so far. It is possible to deviate from the standard coaching program should this be desired, please click here to contact me and get to know more of the various options.

Walking Coaching or using Zoom?

There are various ways to set up the sessions When applying a coaching session outdoors in a natural environment this works very well since it is physically active, less formal, more sensory and more likely to increase creative thought in finding solutions. Walking coaching doesn’t require any special equipment. Walking outdoors increases the awareness of the environment and involves the use of all senses. It enables the coachee to slow down pace and ground him/herself, which has a calming effect on body and mind. Depending on the location the use of Zoom could be a good alternative to allow efficient, effective and intense sessions.

Specialized in Transport & Logistics industry

The effectiveness of Life Coaching can be significantly improved when the Coach has a good understanding of the industry itself. Transports and Logistics being a service industry there is fierce competition and moreover the 24/7 operations bring specific dynamics. These dynamics often result into stress in the mind of employees and has a big effect on their mental well-being. Logistic companies are often situated closely to one another (logistic hotspots). As a consequence of this companies are making big efforts to attract new employees to come over from competitors. Employees usually have many potential employers to choose from which is threatening stability of the companies’ workforce. At the same time this is an opportunity to distinguish as an employer. By embracing Life Coaching as part of your HR policy your organization will get positive and professional image towards current and future employees. Click here to find out more about benefits of Life Coaching.

How can Life Coaching support your organization?