Why Life Coaching?

When working as a department manager or HR professional you are regularly confronted with team members whom are not reaching their full potential since they are off balance. This can either be caused by issues within their working life or in their private life. It is not always easy to find out the true root cause of the issue. Four Seasons Life Coaching can help you here by bringing your employees back into flow.

Four key areas

In Life Coaching the coach and coachee will jointly zoom into essential life aspects such as: Relationships, Health, Work and Finances. In case one or more of these subjects are off balance then this will cause stress to the employee. Stress will keep your employee from functioning optimally and takes away creativity and a wider view for him/her to work towards solutions for challenges the person is facing. The answers are literally locked up within the employee. By asking the right questions and sharing valuable insights the Life Coach will help your employee to find answers within him/herself. Resulting in the employee coming back into flow.





Specialized in Transport & Logistics industry

The effectiveness of Life Coaching can be significantly improved when the Coach has a good understanding of the industry itself. Transports and Logistics being a service industry there is fierce competition and moreover the 24/7 operations bring specific dynamics. These dynamics often result into stress in the mind of employees and has a big effect on their mental well-being. Logistic companies are often situated closely to one another (logistic hotspots). As a consequence of this companies are making big efforts to attract new employees to come over from competitors. Employees usually have many potential employers to choose from which is threatening stability of the companies’ workforce. At the same time this is an opportunity to distinguish as an employer. By embracing Life Coaching as part of your HR policy your organization will get positive and professional image towards current and future employees. Click here to find out more about benefits of Life Coaching.

How can Life Coaching support your organization?